NEC/AAAE Annual Conference (Virtual!) Cocktail Hour


'Superbowl Style' Commercial Competition!

We invite our Corporate friends to send us marketing
videos to be entered into our contest.  

Video submissions...make us laugh, make us cry.  We want to hear from you! 

Sherwin Industries shared their messaging with the Chapter:
(Please note Annual Conference commercials cannot be longer than 2 minutes)

Click Here to Sponsor a Commercial!
Commercial Competition Rules:
  • 2 minute marketing video, entries at $200 each and would stay active on our website for the remainder of 2020!
  • Videos need to be submitted to the Chapter Office no later than 8/24/2020
  • Submittals can be via Dropbox or YouTube link 
  • Videos will be voted on live at our Annual Conference Cocktail Hour!
Voting will be live during the Virtual Cocktail Hour:
  • Videos will be presented and voted on during the virtual cocktail hour and the winner will be immediately announced! 
Grand Prize:
  • Our Corporate Partner winner will receive two free registrations to an upcoming 2021 conference of your choice!
  • Our Airport partners will receive one free hotel and conference registrations to an upcoming 2021 Chapter conference of your choice 
  • Winners also receive bragging rights!