F. Russell Hoyt Presidential Award

After serving 24 distinguished years as the first President of the American Association of Airport Executives, F. Russell Hoyt retired in 1983 and became the first Executive Director of the NEC, a position he held with equal distinction until his passing in 1997. In 2000, to recognize his generous and accomplished service to NEC, the AAAE, and the aviation industry, the NEC renamed its President’s Award the F. Russell Hoyt Presidential Award.

Each year, the NEC President selects an awardee who reflects the commitment and dedication to the airport industry and to the NEC that Russ Hoyt exhibited. This award is presented at the Awards Luncheon at the Chapter’s Annual Conference.


2023     Stephen Williams, A.A.E.
2022     Keith J. Brune, A.A.E., IAP
2021     Melinda Montgomery, A.A.E., Zach Sundquist, A.A.E., Darren Large, A.A.E., Ed Foster, A.A.E., Richard Williams, A.A.E. 
2020     Melinda Montgomery, A.A.E.

2019     Maria Sheridan, A.A.E., Joe Guarino, C.M.
2018     Guillermo Felix, Ann Richart, A.A.E., Rebecca Hubb, A.A.E., Elaine Roberts, A.A.E., Jeanne Olivier, A.A.E., ACE, Barbara Patzner, A.A.E. ACE
2017     Carlton E. Braley Jr., A.A.E. 
2016     Wayne Pennell, A.A.E.
2015     Paul J. Wiedefeld, A.A.E.
2014     Bill Vanacek, Niagara Frontier Aviation Authority
2013     Richard J. Williams, A.A.E.
2012     Alfred Pollard, A.A.E.
2011     Thomas Dames, A.A.E./Marshall Stevens, A.A.E.
2010     Alex Kashani, A.A.E.
2009     Terry Goralski
2008     Leo Comeau, AAE/Richard Horstmann, CM
2007     Al Graser, A.A.E.
2006     Bryan Corbett, A.A.E./Paul McDonough
2005     Stephen J. Adams, A.A.E.
2004     Jeanne Olivier, A.A.E.
2003     Alex Kashani, A.A.E.
2002     Robert Nowak
2001     Michael Campbell, A.A.E./Debra Wright
2000     Cecil Sutton
1999     Charles Hostetter, A.A.E.
1998     Robert Bogan, A.A.E.
1997     John Duval, A.A.E.
1996     Mark Brewer, A.A.E.
1995     27 Privately owned/Public use Airport
1994     37 Airports
1993     Gerald FitzGerald, A.A.E.
1992     John Armour, A.A.E.
1991     James Malarky
1990     Robert Nowak/John Hornbuckle
1989     Fred Hidinger
1988     John Dickerson
1987     E. Mike Goodwin