Honorary & Executive Emeritus

Honorary Membership

Honorary members of the Northeast Chapter/AAAE are designated as such by the Board of Directors. They are exempt from paying both membership dues and registration fees for themselves and their spouses at the International Aviation Snow Symposium and at the NEC Annual Conference.

Honorary Members

Jeanne M. Daley
Orchard Park, NY

J. Richard Ludders, C.M.
Manchester, NH

Debra L. Wright
Marshfield, MA

Executive Emeritus Membership

EXECUTIVE EMERITUS, which shall be open only to those Executive members who have retired from gainful employment in the field of airport management and who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Has become an Accredited Airport Executive (AAE), and
  2. Has, for no less than ten years, maintained membership in AAAE, NEC/AAAE, or another of AAAE’s recognized regional chapters, and
  3. Has reached fifty (50) years of age and has either retired from active airport management or extenuating circumstances have forced an early retirement, Or
  4. Has been elected to Executive Emeritus membership by the Board of Directors for exemplary service to the Chapter.

Executive Emeritus Members

Stephen Adams Jr., A.A.E
Contoocook, NH

Mark Brewer, A.A.E.
Manchester, NH

John Duval, A.A.E., ACE
Topsfield, MA

Jeanne Olivier, A.A.E.

Plainsboro, NJ

Alex M. Kashani, A.A.E., ACE

Washington, DC

Frederick D. Gammon, A.A.E.
Milwaukee, WI

Terry Gorakski
South Bend, IN

Alfred J. Graser, A.A.E.
Port Washington, NY

Larry W. Hedrick, A.A.E.
Columbus, OH

Charles H. Hostetter, A.A.E.
Harrisburg, PA

Frederick Iekel, A.A.E.
Rochester, NY

Steve Korta, A.A.E.
Polk City, FL

Thomas E. Long
Pittsburgh, PA

Robert McEwing, A.A.E.
Essex Jct., VT

Barbara Patzner, A.A.E.
Arlington, MA

Elaine Roberts, A.A.E.
Columbus, OH

Robert Rockmaker, A.A.E.
Allentown, PA

William H. Smith, A.A.E.
Philadelphia, PA

Duane M. Stinchfield, A.A.E.
Belchertown, MA

Richard J. Williams, A.A.E.
West Milford, NJ

Maria Sheridan, A.A.E.
Teterboro, NJ