Committees & Chairs

Government Affairs Committee

Purpose:  An additional voice for advocacy (FAA, TSA, CPB, Contract Tower, LEO Reimbursement Program) 

Chair: James G. Walsh, A.A.E. BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport


Professional Development Committee

Purpose: Provide training and professional development opportunities for the membership.

Chair: Melinda J. Montgomery, A.A.E. Trenton-Mercer Airport


Nominating Committee

Purpose: Appointed by the President to solicit interest from chapter members to serve as future Board of Director and/or Executive Committee members in accordance with the bylaws.

Chair: James G. Walsh, A.A.E. BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport


NEC ARFF Committee

Purpose: Plan and execute the NEC/AAAE annual 40-hour ARFF School and certification in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulation PART 139.319.

Chair: Richard B. Wilson, A.F.O. Allegheny County Airport Authority


Membership Committee

Purpose: Grow and maintain strong relationships with active and engaged members serving as a conduit that adds real value to the membership.

Chair: Jennifer Hanrahan Greater Rochester International Airport


Hub Airports Winter Operations & Deicing Conference Committee

Purpose: Coordinate conference logistics and serve as the liaison between AAAE and NEC/AAAE.

Chair:  Wayne S. Pennell, A.A.E. Maryland Aviation Administration and Bob Junge PASSUR Aerospace, Inc.


International Aviation Snow Symposium (IASS) Committee

Purpose: Plan, organize, and facilitate the International Aviation Snow Symposium and Snow Academy certifications.

Co-Chairs:  Joseph E. Guarino Buffalo Niagara International Airport and Carlton Braley, A.A.E. Manchester-Boston Regional Airport


Corporate Committee

Purpose: Maintain strong relationships between the organization Airports and the Corporate Community aligning strategic initiatives and being advocates in both the Northeast Region and Washington, DC.

Chair: Nicholas Ryan, PMP RS&H


Communications Committee

Purpose: Foster communication through electronic email, social media and chapter website for internal and external customers.

Chair:  Alex Gertsen National Business Aviation Association


Balchen/Post Awards Committee

Purpose: Promote better snow and ice control, and to recognize those individuals responsible for outstanding performance.

Chair:  Alex M. Kashani, A.A.E. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority


Academic Relations Committee

Purpose: Provide opportunities for Northeast Chapter students through networking with industry professionals and other NEC student chapters.

Chair:  Darren S. Large, A.A.E. Morristown Municipal Airport